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Featured Story - April 2020

According to Project Helping, 94% of volunteers experience an emotional recharge known as a "helper's high," which improves individuals' moods, boosts productivity, reduces stress and fosters a sense of purpose. A substantial number of U.S. employers even offer paid-time-off exclusively for volunteer work, allowing employees to invest hours in their non-profit of choice. In addition to the mental wellness payoff, volunteering can have a huge impact on your professional marketability. Volunteering is proven to:

  1. Boost your resume, asserting you as a well-rounded applicant
  2. Build a unique skillset
  3. Improve physical health and ward off mental ailments such as dementia
  4. Foster community in new social settings

Your attorney will likely review all of this with you well before you need to be in court.  Don’t be shy if you have a question.  Even if you aren’t attending court for a personal legal matter, you want to present your best, and your attorney is the greatest resource on how to do that.

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