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Featured Story - November 2017

November is National Adoption Month, and if you’re in a position, adoption is a great way to help someone in need and build your family at the same time.

Each year, about 135,000 children are adopted nationwide, and over 58% of Americans have been directly impacted by adoption, or know someone who has.  Adoptions are typically from stepparent adoptions, or from the American Child Welfare System, but Americans also adopt internationally or from voluntarily surrendered American children.1

The benefits of adoption are enormous for all parties involved – birth mothers are given peace of mind, adopted children are afforded new opportunities in life, and adoptive families are given the opportunity to start or grow their family. 2

Are you considering adopting, or have you already adopted a child and are in need of more information? Here are some helpful resources to review:

If you’re concerned about the legal requirements before, during, and after adopting, reach out to your Plan Attorney and schedule a consultation to review your individual needs.