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Featured Story - September 2019

If you've ever rented a home in the past, you know how much of a risk it can be. What if you get a bad landlord, or on the flip side, what if you get a bad tenant. Just like all human interactions, home rental can become complicated, and with college starting up again soon, many young people, perhaps your dependents, are venturing into their first tenant/landlord relationship.

There are many steps that tenants can take to protect themselves and be good tenants. Here are 5 easy ways that we've found to help protect yourself before there is an issue with your landlord.

  1. Ask where your landlord got the lease agreement, and then read it before you sign it
  2. Create a move-in checklist of damages and share it with your landlord
  3. Communicate everything in writing
  4. Know your renewal terms
  5. Mail your former landlord your new address when you leave

Your attorney will likely review all of this with you well before you need to be in court.  Don’t be shy if you have a question.  Even if you aren’t attending court for a personal legal matter, you want to present your best, and your attorney is the greatest resource on how to do that.