Something Different

Something Different – August 2019

Golf Digest’s 2019 Greatest Public Courses For the ultimate golf bucket list, Golf Digest brought together a panel of nearly 1,000 low-handicap golfers to play public courses across America and identify the top 100 pu...CONTINUE READING

Something Different – July 2019

3 Steps to Improve Empathy Empathy isn’t just about being a good friend. Studies have shown that it’s an important quality at work, and can improve leadership abilities, facilitate more effective communication, and e...CONTINUE READING

Something Different – June 2019

5 Alternatives to the Summer Beach Vacation This time of year, folks start flocking to shorelines near and far to soak up some sun and enjoy a salty ocean breeze. But if you’re thinking of an alternative summer vacati...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - May 2019

Mother's Day Gift Ideas If small businesses are the backbone of the economy, mothers are the backbone of the world. Here are a few great Mother’s Day gift ideas to let the moms in your life know how much they’re app...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - April 2019

Marie Kondo your Home for Spring If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, chances are you’re living under a giant pile of clutter, and it’s time to purge your home of the things that do not spark joy. Here are a few ...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - March 2019

The Lowdown on Luck We don’t know of anyone who would say they don’t need more good fortune. Luckily, some researchers think it’s possible to tilt the odds in your favor just by making a few changes in your daily ...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - February 2019

Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Listen, we’ve got nothing against a Whitman’s Sampler. We just want you to know there are other options. Whether you go full-on Casanova, or you’re just trying to make someone smi...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - January 2019

Stick with Your Workout Routine Once the reality of a long winter sets in, Netflix and takeout can easily overcome cardio and good nutrition. It happens to the best of us. Here’s how to maintain your motivation: Buy ...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - December 2018

Gifts That Give Back According to the National Retail Federation, consumers say they’ll spend an average of $1,007.24 during this holiday season. So, why not spend some of that shopping money on brands that make the w...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - November 2018

Tasty Turkey Trivia When your guests are stuffed and there’s a lull in conversation around your Thanksgiving table, break the silence with these fun facts. The first TV dinner was invented back in 1953, when somebody...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - October 2018

The Most Haunted Places in America With Halloween just around the corner, ‘tis the season to talk about some of the most haunted places in the country. Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, PA The first priso...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - September 2018

Are You a Leftie or Righty? The left-handed brand has had quite the uphill battle. Catholics famously shunned left handedness, although there was never an actual Church teaching on the matter. In some cultures, the left...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - August 2018

What's In a Name? Nominative Determinism: Yes, That's My Real Name Surnames are thought to have been derived from a person’s profession, but could it actually have been the other way around? Nominative Determinism is...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - July 2018

Should you buy Bitcoin now?   Bitcoin is the world’s first digital payment network – a secure, global currency that can be sent from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. Like gold, there’s a finite am...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - June 2018

Why you should use vacation time to go on vacation While Americans are taking more time off than they have since 2010, most aren’t using their vacation days to travel anywhere. But doing so can actually boost happines...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - May 2018

3 Things to Know About Writing a Will The longest will ever filed for probate was handwritten in October of 1919, and had 95,940 words contained in four bound volumes. Lucky for the rest of us, this isn’t standard and...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - April 2018

We’ve all heard that reducing stress is a key component to any wellness-centered lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, 83% of adults think that stress can have a strong or very strong impact on a person’s health.   Bu...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - March 2018

Avoid these tax return errors According to the IRS, an estimated 60% of all tax returns filed annually have a mistake in them.  This includes returns processed and filed by tax professionals.  Be on the lookout for t...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - February 2018

Whether you’ve had your legal plan for years, or just enrolled recently, you may have some questions, especially about how to use the plan. With your Legal Resources Plan, you can call your plan attorney, or contact t...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - January 2018

Severe weather has not impacted many of us yet so now is the perfect time to prepare your home in the event of dangerous winter weather conditions.  Emergency supply kits should be stocked for at least 3 days for each ...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - December 2017

The holiday season is filled with family and fun, but everyone experiences an uptick in business, even your law firms.  To compound that, some of the legal matters that may seem simple take more time to manage on the ba...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - November 2017

This November, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday the 23rd, and will be considered the official start to the American holiday season.  Every family has their own traditions that make the holiday special, whether it’s th...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - September 2017

Any rule or law without explanation or context can come off as silly or illogical.  For example, did you know that it is illegal to spit in public in the state of Virginia1?  It seems like this should be no big deal, b...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - July 2017

What is “Wellness”? It’s more than just a buzzword. The term wellness can be traced as far back as the mid 17th century to mean the opposite of illness¹. But, that’s not the meaning we are talking about.  We ...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - June 2017

Vacations are about getting away from reality and spending time enjoying some of the world’s great wonders.  We’ve already covered why you need a vacation, and now we’re compiling 5 of the oddest vacation destina...CONTINUE READING

Something Different - May 2017

Life is a mystery, and every marriage is going to be packed full of surprises.  Some people, though, want to ensure some aspects of their lives are steadfast and backed by a legal document, so they put them in their pre...CONTINUE READING