Something Different

Something Different - April 2020

Spring is finally here, meaning many of us stare longingly through our office windows at the beaming sun and blooming petals. Having to work an eight-hour shift doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the warm weather, however. Here are some ways you can get out of the desk chair and into nature:

  1. Take a walk. Whether your lunch break is 15 minutes or an hour, take this opportunity to catch some rays and stretch your legs. Grab a colleague for some company, too
  2. Host an outdoor meeting. Replace a simple face-to-face meeting in the conference room with an outdoor brainstorming session
  3. Change your commute. Save the environment and enjoy the outdoors by biking to work one to two days a week
  4. Lunch in the park. Get out of the company kitchen and enjoy your meal under local greenery
  5. Run and recruit. Know a fitness-savvy client prospect? Suggest a mid-day jogging meeting versus a sit down