Something Different

Something Different - February 2018

Whether you’ve had your legal plan for years, or just enrolled recently, you may have some questions, especially about how to use the plan. With your Legal Resources Plan, you can call your plan attorney, or contact the certified paralegals of our Member Services Department (800.728.5768). Read below to learn who to call with the most common questions:

Call your Plan Attorney When… 
  • You have a question regarding a legal matter.
  • You receive a traffic ticket.
  • You need an appointment to speak with an attorney.

Call Member Services When… 
  • You want to have your will drafted.
  • You need a new Member Card.
  • You have questions about your online account.
  • You aren’t sure how or when to enroll.
  • You have a legal matter outside of your Plan Law Firm’s practice area.