Something Different

Something Different - February 2019

Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Listen, we’ve got nothing against a Whitman’s Sampler. We just want you to know there are other options. Whether you go full-on Casanova, or you’re just trying to make someone smile, here are some great Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Go Extravagant

Plane tickets and the Eiffel Tower may be a stretch, but you can always be a tourist in your own town. Design a custom tour based on your date’s interests, and then get out and stroll the streets.

Go Casual

This holiday can hold a lot of high expectations. Take some of the pressure off by doing something simple and fun – think Top Golf or bowling.

Stay at Home

Dinner and a movie may be a tried and true favorite, but try switching it up this year by having breakfast in bed and then watching the sunrise.