Something Different

Something Different - May 2020

Just like biceps and quadriceps, the brain is a muscle that requires regular exercise. It is especially important to train and stimulate the mind in situations like today's mandated isolation. A healthy brain allows for better communication, faster problem solving, greater attention to detail, and an improved emotional state. Try these at-home exercises to keep your mind sharp.

  1. Start a puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are scientifically proven to improve short-term memory and engage both sides of your brain. They make for a great family-bonding activity, too
  2. Read a book. Reading is an Olympic brain workout. Cracking open a book not only increases intelligence, but combats Alzheimer’s disease, increases empathy and can reduce cognitive decline by 32%
  3. Try to Tango. Learning new dances moves accelerates the brain’s memory and processing speed. Plus, busting a move can help you break a sweat
  4. Change your route. Whether you run, walk, bike, or drive, designing a different course challenges your brain to navigate the new path