Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month - August 2020

While working remote and navigating the possibility of virtual schooling, be sure to review your family’s insurance coverage. Ensure both medical and dental coverage are effective and up-to-date to avoid any costly co-...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - July 2020

In 2017, smartphones and tablets captured 90% of the 1.2 trillion pictures taken digitally. That’s a lot of data to lose. Summer puts us at greater risk for technology mishaps, be it water-logged hard drives, lost devi...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - June 2020

It's picking season! Farmers across the country have opened their cornfields, berry patches, and market stands to bucket-clad visitors. Support local farmers by loading your car with boxes full of fresh strawberries, bla...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - May 2020

Furloughs, layoffs and pay cuts create a daunting financial landscape, but adopting smart saving habits can alleviate stress. Reevaluate your budget and properly allocate funds to necessities like groceries, gas, and bil...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - April 2020

April Fools is upon us, but note the trickery extends far beyond the first of the month for fishy, fake news sites. Beware of bogus stories and viral posts that circulate social media feeds. Always consider the source be...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - March 2020

Tax season is the perfect time to start sifting through your files and getting everything in order, and is a great opportunity to organize them. General guidelines on managing important documents are provided here: ...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - February 2020

Smart home devices make life more convenient, but they also come with a certain amount of risk. Protect your Wi-Fi network to help keep hackers at bay. Use strong passwords, enable two-step authentication, check for soft...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - January 2020

A lawyer's duty to practice good time management is actually mandated by the , so think like a lawyer to improve your own efficiency. Establish set times for responding to emails, stop multitasking, and use a timer to li...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - December 2019

Eleanor Roosevelt, who oversaw the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, knew a thing or two about being busy. To fit relaxation into a hectic schedule, she recommended sticking to a regular routine, fin...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - November 2019

It's really common for prospective parents to get nervous before their adoption home study, but remember: the social worker is there to make sure your home is safe, not perfect. The best thing you can do is relax, and be...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - October 2019

Take part in the annual worldwide campaign that brings focus to the importance of breast cancer awareness, education and research. This year, consider helping by writing encouragement cards for breast cancer patients. Fo...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - September 2019

As another school year starts, it's important to know you have a right to question any request for your child's Social Security number by his or her school. You also have protection under the Family Educational Rights an...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - August 2019

Make a Smooth Transition Back to School Adjusting to a more structured routine starts with everyone getting enough sleep. If you’ve let bedtime slip over the summer, gradually move it back to an appropriate time. Let y...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - July 2019

A Safe BBQ is a Great BBQ Summer time is grilling time, but don’t let your next BBQ become memorable for the wrong reasons. According to the National Fire Protection Association, July is the peak month for grill fires,...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - June 2019

How to Detect Melanoma According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, but can be treated fairly easily in its early stages. Use the “ABCDE” rule to spot the most common signs...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - May 2019

3 Ways to Support Locally Owned Businesses Shopping locally creates a stronger economy, a closer community, and a cleaner environment. Try giving auto body work to a local mechanic instead of the dealership. Go to a loca...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - April 2019

This Year’s Earth Day Theme: Protect Our Species   From elephants and giraffes to whales and coral reefs, the world is facing the greatest rate of extinction since we lost the dinosaurs more than 60 million years ago....CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - March 2019

Remember to Change Your Clocks. It's almost time to spring ahead. 2 a.m. will instantly become 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 10th. While you may get one less hour of sleep that night, you’ll be gaining an extra hour of dayli...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - February 2019

Create a Ripple Effect February 17this National Random Acts of Kindness Day, so make a note to make a difference by paying for someone’s coffee, holding a door for someone, or letting a mom with young children go ahead...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - January 2019

Don’t Charge Your Smartphone Overnight But if you do, take the case off and don’t stack anything on top of it. You don’t want the battery to overheat. Also, plug your phone in before you hit 20% power. These are ju...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - December 2018

Important Winter Driving Tips We all have full plates this time of year. Keep the roads safe by not driving while you’re fatigued. Getting the proper amount of rest reduces driving risks. Also, never warm up your car i...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - November 2018

WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOWABOUT THEIR TAXES Under the new tax code, the child tax credit will increase from $1,000 to $2,000 beginning in tax year 2018. Additionally, the adoption credit continues to be worth up to...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - October 2018

Should You Represent Yourself in Court? It’s difficult for someone with no legal experience or training to develop a good trial strategy.  While you should never represent yourself in a criminal trial, smaller civil t...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - September 2018

Identity Theft: New Ways to Protect Yourself Two-factor authentication is a relatively new security measure that uses text messages to confirm logins and password resets. Turn it on whenever possible. Also, sign up for a...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - August 2018

Zoning Ordinances: Know Your Rights From property line disputes to noise disturbances, you may need help determining how zoning laws can help protect your peace. Your Plan Law Firm is familiar with local regulations and ...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - July 2018

It’s always a good idea to have an attorney review documents before you sign them. Before you get too excited about a rental listing and hastily sign a contract, you may want to have an attorney review the details. Ha...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - June 2018

Being prepared will help make the moments after a car accident feel less stressful June is National Safety Month – a good time to talk about what to do after a car accident. First, make sure everyone is ok, then move t...CONTINUE READING

Tip of the Month - May 2018

When it Comes to Estate Planning, Sooner is Better Than Later In May, we observe Older Americans Month, which is a great time to emphasize the importance of creating an estate plan. It’s a task that can be difficult wi...CONTINUE READING