#TrendingNow - August 2019

FaceTime or Fake Time? You may have noticed it’s not really possible to make direct eye contact on FaceTime, since you’re looking at the person on your screen instead of directly into the camera. But the new FaceTime...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - July 2019

No Time to Sit in Traffic? Take to the Skies. If you’ve ever tried to get from Lower Manhattan to JFK Airport during rush hour, you might appreciate Uber’s new shared-flight solution. On July 9th, “Uber Copter” w...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - June 2019

To the Moon and Back… Jeff Bezos decided the world was not enough, and now has plans to expand delivery service to the moon by 2024. His rocket company, Blue Origin, is set to build and launch a commercially developed ...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - May 2019

Hey Siri, Listen Up! Smart speakers are pretty close to being a household staple. According to a new study from market analyst firm Canalys, smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are projected to become more ...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - April 2019

Wristwear that Doubles as Preventive Health Care Stanford just released the results of their Apple Heart Study to determine if the Apple Watch could detect atrial fibrillation (AFib). 400,000+ volunteers 0.5% received...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - March 2019

Scouting Out New Opportunities Your Amazon Prime packages might soon show up courtesy of Scout, Amazon's new six-wheeled delivery robot. Scout will begin delivering packages to homes in Snohomish County, WA, and could ev...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - February 2019

Million Dollar View? Just Roll With It. Disappearing TVs are here to make every interior designer’s dreams come true. LG’s Signature Series OLED TV actually rolls up and disappears when not in use, becoming a sleek ...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - January 2019

Google Map or Social Network? With the ‘For You’ tab in Google Maps, you can now follow certain neighborhoods and places to get personalized recommendations on where to eat and shop. At the very least, it’s probabl...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - December 2018

Smart Phone. Smart Car. Smart Move. Volkswagen just announced their app integration with Siri Shortcuts. So now, instead of waiting for your car to warm up on a freezing morning, you can just say, “Hey Siri, unlock my ...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - November 2018

Amazon Bites Off More Business Shop the New ‘Shark Tank’ Collection Amazon found a way to tap into breakout products from ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ – by becoming an official retail partner. The hit show now has a ...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - October 2018

A Robot Walks into a Bar... Adult Vending Machine or Bartender of the Future? Your pre-flight cocktail may soon be served by Yanu, a robotic bartender run by artificial intelligence, or AI. While currently still in dev...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - September 2018

Apple Phone, Apple Watch, Apple Car? What will you be driving in 2023? Rumors have been swirling for years over Apple’s involvement in the automobile industry. In 2017, Apple was granted a permit from the Californi...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - August 2018

Not-a-Flamethrower Not So Boring Terms and Conditions If you’re a fan of Elon Musk, you’ve probably heard of his recent venture into flamethrower sales. Here is a portion of his Dr. Suess-inspired terms and conditi...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - July 2018

Protect Yourself Online Ensure a Secure Wi-Fi Connection with This Portable Device Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, public Wi-Fi becomes an issue. Most of the time, it’s totally fine to use. But there...CONTINUE READING

#TrendingNow - June 2018

Tech junkies everywhere are flipping out over Google’s new lifelike AI experience – Google Duplex. Intelligent conversations with computers that don’t sound like robots? Impossible – until now. Google Duplex is ...CONTINUE READING