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What to Expect in Your 50's

We experience several milestones in our lives, especially when we pass from one decade to the next. The big 5-0, however, is arguably the most pivotal. Those in the “over-the-hill club” become eligible for senior discounts, tax deductions, social security payments and a host of other financial perks. They also open themselves up to a new chapter in their legal lives.

The Legal Resources Legal Plan allows members to reap a number of legal benefits and guarantees coverage and assistance for any legal need. Regarding the Legal Life Events of fifty-somethings, we highlight some of the key needs of this population of retirees and empty-nesters.


Estate Planning

An estate plan is essential for anyone of any age, but it is particularly important for those in their 50’s. Consider children graduating from college and joining the workforce, for example, or your spouse planning for retirement. Both situations can substantially change your asset picture. Prepare for and protect these changes by finalizing details in important legal documents like a will, advanced medical directive and financial power of attorney.


Family Issues

According to the American Psychological Association, roughly 36% of divorces occur among couples in their 50s. Divorce is a costly endeavor, and the financial and emotional impacts of legal separation are often long-lasting. Whether you pursue a contested or uncontested divorce, your Plan Law Firm can walk you through all necessary steps to finalize the agreement.

As we age, so do our parents. Middle-aged Americans are likely to experience hardships related to caregiving duties. Lean into legal counsel for assistance on navigating Elder Law matters.


Insurance Claims

Your insurance landscape changes as you age. Legal Resources is here to ensure that regardless of your stage in life, your providers continue to supply the quality of care and protection you pay for. We can assist in claims against your insurer should they fail to fulfill their contractual obligations related to life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and more.

Looking for more on Legal Life Events? Check our What to Expect articles for those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.

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