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6 Areas of Law to Know

Unsure where your legal matter falls? Read about the differences between Civil, Criminal, Education, Family, Immigration, and Traffic matters here.

Will or Will Not

Your Legal Resources plan covers your Will preparation and periodic updates. Your plan attorney will also help you with Advance Medical Directives and Financial Powers of Attorney. A Contingent trust for minor children is also a fully covered service.

5 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Season

A comprehensive list of actions you should take to protect yourself against the 2021 hurricane season

Legal Implications of Summer Fun

Despite the good intentions of graduation parties and backyard barbecues, the events carry with them the risk of legal ramifications. Learn how to protect yourself this summer.

Homeownership: Your Bundle of Rights

Understanding the five rights you acquire when purchasing property - the right of enjoyment, possession, disposition, control, and exclusion

Children and Legal Issues

From speeding tickets and school disputes, to social media safety, here is everything you need to know about protecting your children from potential legal issues

How to Negotiate a Roommate Contract

Tips for creating boundaries, setting expectations, and negotiating terms of a contract that all roommates can agree on

Traffic Stop Etiquette

A step-by-step guide for handling a traffic stop. Know what to do, and which actions to avoid, during your next legal encounter on the road

Member Moments

Learn about real-world scenarios in family law, traffic court, and more from the Legal Resources Members who have put their Legal Plan into action

How to Survive Your Day in Court

Our best practices for preparing for trial, maintaining professionalism in the courtroom, managing expectations for final rulings, and more

What’s in a Name?

Discover the four most common reasons why people change their names, and how to legalize and enjoy your new identity

Street Smarts: Follow the Laws of the Lane

Adopting these safe driving tips can help mitigate costly legal fees and reduce the risk of accidents

Legal Plan and Your New Job

Ways to utilize your legal plan to ease the transition into your new job in a new city

Going on Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

A checklist of travel essentials, documents to prepare before hitting the road

Debunking Complicated Real Estate Terms

An in-depth look into seven of the most commonly misunderstood legal terms in real estate transactions