Why Enroll in a Group Legal Plan?

Group legal insurance plans are one of the fastest growing employer benefits. Employers that participate in a group legal plan can provide their employees with cost-effective, high-quality legal coverage. With Legal Resources, members have access to attorneys within our network for a fraction of the average out of pocket cost to secure legal representation.

Legal Life Events Happen All the Time

Legal expenses can occur at many stages of life. Legal Insurance plans are the best way to protect you from those expected and unexpected life events. Time is something we can't get back, so letting an attorney handle those matters for you through a legal plan is worth it. Live More, Worry Less.

Life events

You'll be glad you have the Legal Resources' Legal Plan when...

  • You purchase a new home.
  • Your landlord raises the monthly rent in violation of your lease agreement.
  • You don't have a Will and want to draw one.
  • You decide to adopt a child.
  • The roofing contractor refuses to make repairs you have paid for months ago.
  • A merchant won't accept your defective device.
  • Your parent dies and you are named executor of their estate.
  • You receive your credit report and need help with disputing a debt.
  • You decide to refinance your home

...and many more legal life events.

Using the Legal Resources Plan is simple.

Here's how it works:

  • Employees can enroll during open enrollment through Legal Resources' website, third party administration, or via paper.
  • After enrollment, you will receive your membership card containing contact information for your law firm.
  • If you need legal services, can call your law firm directly to set up an appointment.
  • You can also call the Member Services Department and speak with one of our certified paralegals to answer a coverage or law firm question.
  • You now have a law firm on "retainer" to meet all your legal needs. Call them any time you need a service, from a simple question to a complex issue.

Ready to Enroll?

Group legal insurance plans are one of the fastest growing employer benefits