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September 2021

Legal is the New Lifestyle Benefit, Rules for Back to School, Malicious AirDrops, National Preparedness Month, and more!

August 2021

Legal is the New Lifestyle Benefit, Rules for Back to School, Bluetooth Hackers, National Eye Exam Month, and more!

July 2021

Rules of RV Road Trips, Phony Vaccination Cards, Safe Swimming Tips, Managing an Airbnb, and much more!

June 2021

Trials of Homeownership, Rental Car Alternatives, Bitcoin and Crypto Bounty, Iced Tea Recipes, and much more!

May 2021

Real Estate Trends, Children and the Law, Defining the Legal Plan, Work Schedule Tips, Social Media Breaches, and much more!

April 2021

Tips for Legal Spring Cleaning, Suggested Uses for Your 2020 Tax Refund, Stimulus Advice, Social Network with Legal Resources, and more!

March 2021

New Member Offerings, National Credit Education Month, Four-Leaf Clover Fun Facts, Unemployment Fraud, and much more!

February 2021

Internet Safety in Remote Classrooms. Members Share Love for their Legal Plan. Valentine's Day Facts, and much more!

January 2021

Unveiling the Legal Resources Blog, A Virtual New Year’s Eve Celebration, 2021 Legislation and much more!

December 2020

Getting to Know Your Legal Plan, Passcode vs. Face ID, Reflecting on the Good of 2020, Travel Insurance, and more!

November 2020

Pilgrim Politics, National Adoption Month, How to Take Advantage of Free Credit Reports, Preparing for the Polls, and more!

October 2020

National Cybersecurity Month, Halloween Safety, The Scoop on Superstitions, Social Security Theft, and more!

September 2020

How to Prepare for a Virtual Court Hearing, Debunking Credit Monitoring, Back-to-College COVID Kits, and more!

August 2020

Practice Safe Driving This Summer, Virtual Learning, Cooking Challenges, Two-Factor Authentication, and more!

July 2020

Member Story: A Legal Resources Journey, Monitoring Children's Privacy Online, Saving Smartphone Photos, and more!

June 2020

The New Summer Vacation, Hackers Attack Hospital, How to Shop Local, Wills & Trusts, and more!

May 2020

Centennial of the 19th Amendment, Navigating COVID Ceremonies, Saving Tips, Mind Exercises, and more!

April 2020

National Volunteer Month, Combating COVID-19, Fake News Advice, 5 Ways to Get Outside During the Workday, and more!

March 2020

Tax Return Apps, Safeguarding Important Documents, Common Tax Errors, 7 Best Tax Software Programs of 2020, and more!

February 2020

National Safer Internet Day, Trusted Brands for Generations, New Data Privacy Laws, Non-Real Estate Transactions, and more!

January 2020

Using Your Legal Plan, Manage Your Time Like a Lawyer, Social Media Advice, Healthcare Law, and more!