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Children and Legal Issues

Published March 8, 2021

Regardless of how hard they try to deny it, children are not invincible. They too can fall victim to legal matters resulting in warnings and fines, to more serious consequences such as arrest and juvenile detention. Below are some of the most common juvenile legal matters and tips for using your Legal Plan to protect them.

Traffic Offenses are arguably the most frequently encountered legal matters of adolescents. The freedom that accompanies their first time behind the wheel as a licensed driver is known to lead to speeding tickets, running stop signs, improper lane usage, and other minor offenses. Should a court date follow the violation, contact your attorney to assist your son or daughter during their court appearance.

DUIs and other impaired driving violations are not out of the realm of possibility for juveniles. Your attorney can assist here too by walking your child through next steps for sentencing, fines, and other court-mandated procedures.

Shoplifting, petty theft, and vandalism are also among the top illegal acts committed by juveniles. Whether your child stole with joking or serious intent, it does not diminish the severity of the offense. Seek legal counsel to remedy stolen and/or damaged property as a result of the crime.

Now, not all legal matters children encounter are crime-related. Some can occur without your child’s knowledge such as Child Identity Theft or social media impersonation. They can also become the subject of bullying at school, discrimination on the soccer field, and other forms of mistreatment. Use your Legal Plan to fight for the rights of your child.