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Member Moments

Published February 8, 2021

Legal insurance is not only a leading benefit for offering peace of mind, but a budget-friendly and effective tool for resolving legal matters in real estate transactions, family court, adoption pursuits, and much more.

Our Members love to share their experience working with attorneys in our network. Read on to learn how they discovered the benefits of legal. You can read Member Rosalind’s story, too, in the July 2020 Edition of LegalSmart.

A School Bus Mishap

“I had a traffic ticket for running a stopped bus. The bus did not have flashing lights on, nor did it have its stop sign out. With Legal Resources, it only took a few minutes in court to get the ticket dismissed.”

Seeking the Best Care

“Legal Resources helped us to get guardianship for our adult autistic son. Our attorney made us feel easy through what could be a daunting process.”

Pesty People

“We recently had an issue with a pest control company destroying 15 of our bushes. We contacted our Plan Firm and they were able to get us out of our contract with the “pesty” people.”

The Importance of Legal in Loss

“I recently lost my youngest daughter. She did not have a Will. I had never prepared on either. Big eye opener. Thank you, Legal Resources, for preparing my Will.”

Safety is Our Priority

“I purchased a vehicle from a dealership that was found to be unsafe to operate due to a damaged frame. Legal Resources provided direction, advice, and assisted me in getting my money back for the vehicle and directed me down the proper avenue to reporting the vehicle as damaged.”

Lasty, meet the Legal Resources Pro:

“I have found the resource very valuable. I have used it for buying and selling a home. I have also used it for a prenup and later in an uncontested divorce. I have also used it for my will and advanced directives. I have worked with several different attorneys and firms for the various services and all were great to work with.”

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