Legal Plan and Your New Job

Legal Plan and Your New Job

Legal Plan and Your New Job

Congratulations! You’ve landed an exciting new job, potentially in a new city. And if you’re reading this, your employer likely offers our Legal Plan as one of the many employee benefits included in your onboarding package. Legal insurance is one of the top voluntary benefits and when it’s not assisting you with life’s most commonly needed legal services, it provides around-the-clock peace of mind.

So, what exactly is legal insurance? Like any other insurance – medical, vision, dental, and the like – legal insurance protects you from the “what ifs” in life, and more importantly, can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in legal costs. Our Legal Plan offers the most comprehensive coverage in the industry and partners with only the highest quality attorneys in the nation. Your Plan Attorney can help you with anything from disputing a speeding ticket or changing your name to more complicated legal matters such as distributing one’s estate.

Below are just a few ways your Legal Plan can help you in your new role.

Review of your new lease agreement

Whether you’ve just moved into your first apartment or your fourth, all lease agreements are different. The last thing you need during your transition into a new career is a hiccup in your living situation. Have your new Plan Attorney review your lease agreement to identify any potential trouble spots. Should your landlord or management company breach the contract, your attorney can help resolve tenant-landlord disputes too.

Buying a house

Now that you have Legal Resources, some of your real estate costs are covered. Your Plan Attorney can assist with the purchase of your new home and review of all real estate contracts from your initial offer and home loan approval to the signing of the closing documents.

A traffic citation during your commute

Adjusting to your new commute will take time. Perhaps you accidently run a stop sign or exceed the speed limit while trying to navigate the highways and byways of your new home. Not to worry, our attorneys can help. Contact your attorney as soon as you receive the ticket and he or she will work to help resolve the matter. Your attorney can even attend your court hearing with you should you need the emotional support or representation.

Consumer relations matters.

Let’s talk warranties. If any item under warranty, be it your car, computer, or home appliance, that you brought with you to your new job fails you, the manufacturer should cover the repair cost, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The manufacturer could refuse coverage for a number of reasons, but should it be for an unlawful one, your Plan Attorney will help set things straight. Your attorney is well-versed in consumer relations matters and will ensure you aren’t cheated out of any coverage options your warranties are required to uphold.

Peace of mind

If you have yet to encounter a legal matter, you’re one of the lucky ones. Regardless, having legal insurance offers peace of mind. They even can help you create a will so you are assured that wherever life takes you, you can relax, you’re covered.

Legal Resources members should review their plan contracts for a full explanation of fully covered services.

Thinking of Enrolling?

Group legal insurance plans are one of the fastest growing employer benefits.


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