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Should You Consider Renting Your Home?

Should You Consider Renting Your Home?

The “renting your home” craze has sparked a debate over the rights of tenants and landlords to share space. The conflict is breeding lawsuits, evictions, and other complications with housing markets. Before you rent out your home while on vacation, make sure you’ve considered all these important legal matters!

What’s your liability?
It’s important to know your rights when renting property, and it can be tough remembering all the different types of insurance that may apply.

Be aware of local municipal codes
One goal of restrictions is to prevent landlords from taking rental properties off market for conversion into hotel units, a growing problem in tourist cities.

Protect yourself from destructive guests
You may be surprised at how much access your guest has to the home you offer them. Make sure that any agreement is clear and concise.

Thinking of Enrolling?

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