Legal Plan Coverage - How Group Legal Services Work

Using the Legal Resources Plan is easy.
  • Employees are able to enroll in our Legal Resources membership plan during open enrollment through Legal Resources' website, third party administration, or via paper.
  • After enrollment, you will receive your membership card(s) containing contact information for your law firm.
  • If you need legal plan services, you are able to call your law firm directly to set up an appointment.
  • You can also call the Member Services Department and speak with one of our award-winning certified paralegals to answer a coverage or law firm question.
  • You now have a law firm on "retainer" to meet all your legal needs. Call them any time you need a service, from a simple question to a complex issue.
Legal Plan Overview

The Legal Resources Legal Plan covers the attorney fees for a broad range of the most frequently needed legal services. Our legal plan coverage ensures you, your spouse, and qualifying dependent children are protected. There are no annual usage limitations, co-pays, or deductibles for the fully covered services. Coverage may vary by employer group. Below are some of the most common services our plan provides. For a full description of legal plan coverage, check with your employer.

Members are responsible for all non-attorney costs such as court costs, filing fees, or any fines assessed. This summary of legal plan services is intended to provide a broad and general overview of the plan coverage that we offer. Coverage may vary for your organization. Members, please log in or refer to your Master Plan Contract for a complete description of services provided, as well as the actual terms, coverage, conditions and exclusions.

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