Identity Protection

Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

Published April 20, 2022

Are employees protected from the rise in fraudulent unemployment claims? Research suggests scams are nearing $63 billion in fraudulent benefits. Let’s take a look at the impact:

 Employer Impact 

As imposters capitalize on fraudulent unemployment benefits, it is critical that employers remain vigilant of employees’ claims to avoid counterfeit claims getting lost in the shuffle of furloughs and layoffs. Monitoring and reporting unemployment claims is just one way to prevent wrongful processing. Employees should keep an eye out for suspicious credit activity, questionable mailings, and unknown callers requesting information too. Perform your due diligence to help decrease the amount of phony funds distributed and to protect employees from other forms of identity theft too. 

 Employee Impact 

Criminals obtain employees’ personal information and use it to file for fraudulent unemployment benefits. With their PII exposed, your employee is not only a victim of unemployment fraud, but is also susceptible to other criminal activity including medical fraud, financial fraud, social security theft, and compromised retirement accounts. To prevent thievery, employees should report phony unemployment claims to the state immediately and request that the FTC place fraud alerts on their credit cards, obtain a recent credit report, and suspend any jeopardized accounts. 

 Our Solution 

Legal Resources offers two unique services to help your employees navigate this new reality. Choose from Legal Select, offering both full legal benefits and an embedded identity theft component, or our stand-alone Identity Protection plans offering three levels of coverage and monitoring services. When victimized, Members must simply give us a call; Our Restoration Specialists handle the communications needed to recover and protect compromised accounts. What better way to provide your employees with peace of mind?