Identity Protection

In the age of electronic data and the internet, our personal information circulates faster than ever, and criminals are ready to take advantage of you. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from identity theft, social security theft, compromised credit, donation scams, and much more.

Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

A nationwide unemployment scam costs employees billions in financial loss. Learn how to mitigate the loss and protect against identity theft.

Think Twice Before Posting Your Vacation Photos

The little-known dangers of online travel albums and how they open the door for theft.

6 Risky Places to Swipe Your Credit Card

Credit card fraud is on the rise and thieves employ cunning tactics to steal your information at the gas pump, in the drive thru, and online.

Bitcoin and Crypto Crime

Discover how criminals capitalize on digital currencies to commit money laundering, pay the bounty on ransomware attacks, and more.

Medical Identity Theft: What to Know

As tele-medicine and digital databases grow, so does your risk of healthcare fraud. Find out how to safeguard your patient portal, monitor risk, and more.

Secure Your LinkedIn Account

E-mail addresses and contact lists shared on LinkedIn can put your identity at risk. Learn how to boost your professional network safely.

5 Ways to Build Your Credit

Try one of these credit-building strategies to boost your credit score, qualify for a loan, and improve your overall financial wellness

What is Ransomware?

Educate yourself on the newest technology hackers are using to threaten digital users and jeopardize personal data

Reserve Your Spot on the Do Not Call List

Ward off unsolicited calls and automated messages by removing your phone number from scammers' directories

Risk of Ring and Other Smart Doorbells

While upgrades in home security technologies have proven to decrease crime, smart doorbell devices can lead to compromised personal data

How to Protect Your Retirement Accounts

Follow these steps to shield your retirement accounts from corruption and fraud caused by online hackers

To Connect or Disconnect?

How to protect your privacy when using smart devices on public Wi-Fi

Protecting Your Identity on Social Media

Best practices for using social networks without putting your personal identifiable information at risk

Lost Wallet? Here’s What to Do

Reduce panic when your credit cards and driver’s license go missing by studying these recovery steps

What is Child Identity Theft?

Warning signs of a compromised child identity and how to restore the damage

Know Your Identity Theft Risk: 7 Habits to Consider

Understand how sharing personal information, making credit card purchases, and other everyday activities impact your risk of a security breach