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What to Expect in Your 20’s

Published February 25, 2021

We experience several milestones throughout our lives, particularly when we pass from one decade to the next. The responsibilities we carry in our 20’s differ greatly from those in our 60’s. Regardless of our phase in life, we are likely to encounter a host of legal matters. With a Legal Resources Legal Plan, you reap a number of legal benefits and are guaranteed coverage and assistance through each and every phase.

This week’s post focuses specifically on the Legal Life Events of twenty-somethings. The population of college graduates, new parents, and young professionals face the exciting and challenging adventures of the “real world.” They also face a host of decisions that are likely to result in a legal need.

Renting an Apartment

According to a 2019 survey, twenty-somethings make up 49% of the nation’s renter population. Young adults are likely to rent when they accept a job in a new city, acquire roommates, or aren’t quite ready to buy.

With legal insurance, an attorney can review rental agreements and uncover contractual issues before you sign on the dotted line. They can also help mitigate common tenant-landlord matters and reduce the cost of court-related fees.

Traffic Violations

Minnesota reporters scoured through three years’ worth of traffic data and discovered that drivers ages 16 to 25 received one-third of all speeding tickets. While teen drivers have a slightly higher risk of accident, twenty-somethings aren’t too far behind.

Whether you receive a speeding ticket, traffic stop citation, run a red light camera, or face more serious driving allegations such as a DUI, your attorney can help you navigate the charges. Practicing safe driving is also a surefire way to avoid traffic violations.

Auto Purchase Agreement

Ditching the hand-me-down college car for a sleek new sedan is an exciting part of adulthood. The plethora of paperwork, warranty descriptions, recall alerts, and other documentation included with a car purchase may seem overwhelming to first-time car buyers; consult with your attorney to review agreements that don’t make sense to you.

Having legal coverage will also protect twenty-somethings from becoming a victim of illegal dealer activity. Car dealer fraud is more common in the sale of used cars than new vehicles. Contact your attorney to prove auto dealer fraud and receive compensation for wrongful possession, down payments, and more.

Courtroom Representation

Appearing in court, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. Surviving your day in court is far easier with attorney representation. Your Plan Attorney will not only present your case to the judge, but help you understand the ins-and-outs of your proceeding.