Legal Services

With over 30 years of experience in the legal benefits industry, we have a firm understanding of how legal matters can impact your personal and professional life. Gain peace of mind by educating yourself on the steps to take when adopting a child, marrying your best friend, or buying your first home. Legal Services presents the tribulations of the legal world, simplified.

Navigating Contractor Disputes

Not all repair disagreements call for legal action, but when they do, it is important to know which services are at your disposal.

How Adding Legal Coverage Boosts Your Benefits

Enhance your standard benefits package with industry-leading legal coverage your employees can count on anywhere, anytime

What to Expect in Your 40’s

The Forty-Somethings Guide to navigating legal matters in property disputes, teen drivers, Elder Law advice, and more.

What to Expect in Your 30’s

The Thirty-Somethings Guide to navigating legal matters in marriage, home purchases and improvements, legacy documents, and more.

Buying a Used Car

Discover the common legal pitfalls of purchasing a use car and how to utilize your Legal Plan to mitigate and recover damage

Preventing Probate

How to best prepare legacy documents like wills, estate plans, and directives to avoid the costly complications of probate

What to Expect in Your 20’s

The Twenty-Somethings Guide to navigating legal matters in rental agreements, traffic citations, purchase contracts, and more

Real Estate Closings

Discover the legal assistance Members receive from real estate attorneys when closing on their dream home, or selling an old one

Declaring Bankruptcy

How to properly assess your financial landscape when filing for bankruptcy, and what to expect from a Bankruptcy Lawyer throughout the process

Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

Everything you need to know about legally protecting and tending to aging loved ones in their final stages of life

Call Your Attorney: 9 Situations to Consider

Consult with your attorney to understand your rights and options in these nine tricky legal situations. When it doubt, seek representation.

The Benefit of Legal

Learn how our Legal Plan boosts workplace rapport and offers peace of mind to employees both in and out of the office

How to Choose the Right Attorney

A step-by-step guide to selecting the perfect attorney to meet your legal needs

What to Expect When Adopting Your Stepchild

Identifying legal roadblocks in uncontested adoption and how to eliminate them

6 Common Mistakes in Will Writing

Tips for drafting an easy-to-administer and error-free will