Legal Implications Of Summer

Legal Implications Of Summer

Legal Implications of Summer Fun

Rarely do homeowners consider their insurance policy when hosting an impromptu pool party. They instead focus on barbecue supplies, sunscreen, and their right to enjoy their backyard oasis. Summer should, after all, focus only on fun and relaxation, not the worry of accident or injury.

The safety statistics released by the Pool Safety Foundation suggest that the latter should be seriously considered. Drownings and water-related accidents are among the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths globally. The best practice for avoiding such accidents is to remain vigilant of those in and around the water.

Additional safety measures include:

  • Fencing in the pool area to prevent young children from entering the water unsupervised.
  • Requiring novice swimmers to utilize floats.
  • Never allow individuals, regardless of age, to swim alone.
  • Advise guests of the depth of your pool to mitigate diving-related injuries.

As the host, you are legally responsible for the well-being of guests. Being sued by a close friend or family for an injury that occurred on your property is far more common that people believe. Understanding your legal responsibilities as the host is especially important if you provide alcohol on the premise. 

You could be required to pay damages if you supply alcohol to a guest and knowingly allow them to get behind of the wheel of a car, or engage in any activity that could cause injury or death. Supervision is especially important at graduation parties; minors should be monitored for restricted alcohol or drug use while at your home.

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