Real Estate Closing
Real Estate Closings
Real Estate Attorneys are a critical part of the home buying and home selling processes. Legal representation can cost both current and soon-to-be homeowners anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over one-thousand.
Declaring Bankruptcy
Declaring Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy impacts individuals of all ages, races, genders, and socioeconomic statuses. The Institute of Financial Literacy asserts that nearly 75% of filers are employed, over 25% generate an income of $30,000 or more, and the likelihood of women filing more often than men is only greater by less than 5%.
When To Call Your Attorney
Call Your Attorney: 9 Situations to Consider
Confusion, trust, and money. These are the top three reasons why most plaintiffs and defendants pursue self-representation rather than consulting an attorney when handling legal matters.
The Benefits Of Legal
The Benefit of Legal
Did you know that legal insurance is one of the nation’s leading lifestyle benefits? Having a legal plan not only offers peace of mind, but affordable access to award-winning attorneys ready to assist you with life’s most common legal needs.
What To Expect Adopting
What to Expect When Adopting Your Stepchild
Adoption Day is often one of the biggest moments in a family’s life. Children gain a new brother, sister, mom, and dad, and parents another son or daughter to love.
6 Common Will Mistakes
6 Common Mistakes in Will Writing
Our day-to-day routines are centered around a series of ifs. These ifs help us navigate conflicts in our schedules, and manage time for the people and pastimes we love.